Debbie is the heart and soul of Rocket Films. Over the last nine years her passion and expertise have built the company into the solid success it enjoys today. She has meticulous attention to detail and is very hands-on and dedicated, with empathy for everyone she works with. She is also an avid and accomplished cook and some clients have been known to stipulate that her legendary crab curry needs to be included in the schedule.


Glen’s affable personality belies an uncompromising approach to production design. He has earned an international reputation as an art director and production designer with an unerring eye for style. His innovative approach to tackling challenges, coupled with his unflustered style, make him an invaluable asset to a team operating in a high pressure industry. Gardening & cooking are his great passions.


Dennis is one of the best and most capable producers in the business, and comes from a strong advertising background. He is known for his sense of humour, which prevails despite the toughest challenges. His passion is for people and the environment and when not producing, he can be found designing indigenous gardens or relaxing on the beach.


Tyrone Keogh

Ty is a new edition to the Rocket team. With over 15 years experience both behind and in front of the camera, he brings his knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for filmmaking to every job. When he’s not working, he’s mostly found surfing in the freezing oceans of Cape Town


Zoe is our trainee co-ordinator and, being Debbie’s daughter, is focused on building her career and is part of the ‘future’ of Rocket Films. Her positive and inquisitive nature and all-round knowledge of the industry stand her in good stead. She is the proud owner of two overgrown ‘teacup’ pigs and is passionate about social enterprise and socially and environmentally responsible business.


Margie has built up enviable experience in her 18 years in the industry. Her positive energy is well known, while her precision and high standards coupled with her hard-working approach make her a producer second to none. In winter she retreats to her farm in the Eastern Cape and makes fantastic butter and cheeses.


Christene also comes from an advertising background, and joined Rocket Films in 2009 as a production co-ordinator when she returned from living and working in the UK. She has the ability to radiate calm and remain focused and precise, even in the madness of mid-season. She has become an integral part of the Rocket production team, researching, working on bids, prepping & reconning jobs. She is also the very proud mom of a Xhosa prince called Ayabulela.


Michelle’s efficiency in book keeping has been honed over 13 years of experience. She has streamlined Rocket‘s systems and is an excellent team player offering invaluable support to the production team. When not in the office, she can be found at the stables, caring for her son’s horse and she is the treasurer of the local pony club.


Nightingale has been part of Debbie & Glen’s family for 11 years. She quietly, calmly and efficiently keeps our offices tidy, knows the tea/coffee preferences of everyone and makes the best sandwiches ever!